As with most belt-driven turntables, you may need to replace the belt on your STX over time depending on multiple factors. Belt replacements are considered normal maintenance for belt-driven turntables. This article will walk you through successfully replacing your STX platter belt.


Determining if you need to replace your STX platter belt. 

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may be time to consider replacing the belt in your STX. 

  • Speed fluctuations: The STX may play records at inconsistent speeds, causing variations in pitch or timing.
  • Slippage: The belt might slip or lose traction, resulting in the platter spinning at an incorrect speed or not spinning at all
  • Noise or rattling: A worn-out belt may produce unusual sounds like squeaking, rattling, or grinding as it moves around the pulley or motor.
  • Uneven playback: The STX may struggle to maintain a steady rotational speed, leading to uneven playback quality or skipping of the stylus across the record.
  • Belt deformation or damage: A visibly damaged or stretched belt can indicate a problem. It may appear loose, cracked, or frayed.

Replacing your STX platter belt

Follow the instructions below to successfully replace your belt. 

  1. Remove your record from the platter.
  2. Remove the slip mat.
  3. Remove the C clamp located on the spindle.
  4. Turn the STX upside down and gently shake it until the platter starts to slide off of the base.
  5. Remove the belt located under the platter. You will notice the belt goes around a notch near the edge of the platter.

  6.  Replace the belt. Ensure the new belt is fed through the notch as pictured above.
  7. Place the platter back on to the base of the STX. There is a post in the unit that will line up with the notch the belt is fed through (pictured below). Ensure this is lined up and gently push the platter back into place.

  8. Spin the platter with your hand. Once you hear a click, you can stop spinning the platter. 
  9. Put the C clamp back on to the spindle.
  10. Place the slip mat back on to the platter.